Ciao Italy

Well, off I go. A week has passed and I’m again, on days of planes. My overnight and half day in Toronto is pretty exciting since I will again be with friends… And….. I can’t wait to scoop Ayden in my arms. Italy was all I imagined. Full of history, culture, faith….. Stories. I’ve never […]

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Landing, full of emotion

I’m sitting on a plane, my final one of the trip. Outside the window, beautiful waters as far as my eyes can see, farm land and what appears to be one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve laid eyes on. Italy. Wow. I’m still really in shock that I’m here actually. Not a week ago, […]

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WTF? Italy?!

  Italy??!! THIS FRIDAY????? What??? Are you kidding me? Like, for real? Not just that, but two of THE MOST important women in my life……Landing on Caterina’s 40th birthday for Italian family dinner….after having lunch the day before with my Soul Sister Ainsley. A week in Italy, doing whatever we want, and then, another 24 […]

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Love is Invincible

  For the first time, I feel as though this post may be entirely for Me. Love. We throw the word around a bit these days. What is Love, Really? Is it the feeling you get when someone walks in the room? You catch a glimpse of them, and, that’s enough. Is it the little […]

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The Perfect Man…..

I had a sort of fairy tale idea of what this would be like. He would appear in my life and we’d lock eyes. His hand would intertwine with mine and my heart would melt. My life, would never be the same. I imagined we would meet and immediately know. Finding each other would be […]

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I don’t want to……

I’m awake. Again, awoken by Ayden’s familiar groan. Its probably between 8 and 8:50 and we are gonna be late for daycare, again. Am I the only Mom who thinks 9:30 is too early to be somewhere? I¬†should be¬†rushing around getting us there. Instead, I put on the coffee, call in late, hand him the […]

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My steps to Self Love :-)

Can anyone relate to this moment? I sure can. I don’t really know how to “properly share” what’s been going on lately but I am about to do my best. I truly believe that the last 6 months have brought me to a place I didn’t know existed. At least, I didn’t think it could […]

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In Honor of Your Love

“A heart isn’t a bone, it can’t break” –Nancy Paine I am blessed to have some of the most incredible people in my life. I know, you’ve read it 1000 times. And, I continue to deepen my connections with these extraordinary superheroes every day. One of the things that is going on for me is […]

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