It takes a Village – The Heart Of Community

Its nearly 2am as I write this.

I want to share so much, including what’s kept me silent, but I wont.

Life. Its crazy, I am sure you can relate since you are living too.

Here’s the greatest lesson for me recently.

It takes a Village 

When you’re in a relationship, it takes a Village. When you have kids, it takes a village. When you’re a Human, it takes a Village. No matter what, we need People.

The people in our lives keep us connected. They remind us who we are, when we truly need it. They shelter our hearts, our loved ones, our Lives, as we Navigate the waters of being this thing we call Human.

I believe, actually, people, are, where we find Purpose.

So, then, what do we do when we fail people?

We have all experienced failing in life. We parent wrong, we Love wrong, we make less money than expected, we don’t drive a nice car, we can’t do that job good enough.

You know, we fail. 

This humiliation, felt deep in our bones, is indescribable.

We are not what the world expected us to be. In that moment, we are faced with a serious and very real fear. We, are not enough.

Then what?

Our village turns their back. They don’t want to be part of our undoing, our messiness.

And, it takes a Village.

Then what?

I believe more than just me and my inner Village experience being the outkast for our emotions and our internal states. “Oh, you feel that way?”  “Oh, wow, here I thought you were strong” 

The judgements continue, and trust me, I have them, and I know you all do too.

I choose to be around the people who win at life. I don’t want to be surrounded by those who let their thoughts over-run them.

Well, Here’s the thing.

We are ALL Human.

We all experience being let down.

We all fail, every, fucking, day.

How, then, do we continue to show up for our life and our Village?

I don’t have any answers, in fact all I have is this…..

Cause we should all know one thing.

It takes a Village. To get us through. To tell us we are enough when we don’t believe it or see it. It takes the whole community to come around us and tell us that we are worth it.

As humans we are constantly searching for worth. Trying to find it. Yet, it is illusive.

Because the belief that we are Enough, takes a Village. We cannot do it alone. As much as we try.

Don’t underestimate the Value of having the People around you, who Love you, who remind you who you are when you cannot find it.

Find your-Self, in People. In your Village.

Trust them and fall into them.

For, in the end, there will be You, and, your Village.

There are times, when, you are not trust-worthy as a judge of who you are. In those times, Village, shows us, why.

Why we are worth it, why we should never cower.

Choose, those, People.

You are Love(d)

Please, watch this, you are not Alone…(Note that sometimes this won’t load on cell phone, if so, It is Susan David’s TED talk entitled “The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage”)



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