Dear Life; Dear Me



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To the Women, who inspired this blog;

Thank you. Thank you. You are Beautiful.

You are Love(d)  


To the woman in my Depths, in our depths. The Wild Woman who comes out to dance in and with Life. She who shares herSelf, vulnerably, over and over, for the empowerment of all around her…..

Thank you.

To that one who moves Heaven and Earth in her hips. That Mother, Daughter, Lover, Friend, Chauffeur, Chameleon 😉

That woman who crawls into (and out of) bed, wondering if it was enough, if she was enough. That one……

Thank you.

To the Life Witness, the Artist, the observer. Your Art is Beauty. No matter what you have done or who you have been….

Thank you.

To the lonely Soul, the one who knows this life is lived only with yourSelf, and yet with multitudes of others. The one who ultimately wonders why we do this and yet continues to show up at the table……

Thank you.

For the parts that get Ripped and Torn away as we grow, as we witness Humanity grow. The parts that fall off and aren’t always pretty…….

Thank you.

Yes, for the messy bits. For the blessing it is to witness them. In Self, in others. For the utter Perfection that each human is. To all of the parts and pieces that make us Woman, Human



To the Mother; you are doing a great job, and some days you suck! And, mostly, I watch you give it your all. Each and every day. You are a Hero.

To the Woman; The Magic and Miraculous Being, the essence of Who you Truly Are. I say this.

Be it. Full out. Come together to Commune, with those you Love and who Love you. Those who Are, Love. Bask in the light. Know, it is who you are….

Thank you.

For and to the Warrior it takes to stand beside a Wild Woman;

Thank you.

For the Vulnerability and Firmness it requires to Know yourSelf, and allow for Flow. For the sometimes overwhelming risk it is to receive you. And yet, you keep coming back to meet at the table……

Thank you.

To the Lover; Allow. Allow your Heart to open to embrace the Warrior and all that he brings. For it too, is Magical. Hold dearly to its Beauty. Discover.

Trust, that the time period in which he is Present, will be Perfect. This applies to all relationships in Life, by the way. It is all leading you to you, and him, the same. Life is not for holding on tightly to things and people, it is all meant to Flow. And, to be EnJoyed.

Enjoy. Every. Moment.

That’s right, all of it 😉

Never stop.

For truly Living is always a choice, and sometimes a painful one. Don’t quit. Show up for you, for those you Love, every day. It’s perfect to take breaks and rests, they’re mandatory. But don’t stay there. For life, is found amongst it all.

Live one you are Proud of.

Thank you.

I Love you ❤




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