From the Inside, Out <3

This blog has been a journey for me, and maybe, for you too.

It’s been a space to grow and share. At times it was pain and grief, hopelessness and happiness. This last few years have been all over the place. What a cool thing to share it all through writing, I tell ya. It didn’t always appear that way at the time 😉

Here’s what I wanna share today……….

“Fear, doubt, anxiety, judgement…” whatever you wanna call it, the nattering in your head, it will always be available to you.

You may always wonder if you made the right decision, chose the right direction. Worry, concern, doubt, will most likely show up, at some point. It may scream for your attention. Trying many tactics to take you down.

You may wonder if you’re good enough. If your thighs are too big. If you’re worth it. If you’re Lovable. If you can handle it. Whatever your version of this question is.

We’re Human.



Being in the confusion and wonder is a challenge. It’s for sure not easy.It’s like life just picks you up and you’ve been swept into a storm. You feel outta control, on autopilot….however it shows up for you.



I have found “fearless” living to be an interesting concept.

Fear, or whatever thoughts or experiences we have around it. Happens. It happens when we risk, when we Love, when we speak, when we make promises.

Perhaps “fearless” Living is a life where you choose to live fully, in the face of the “Fear”. Perhaps this is Power. The Living in the face of, simply because Living, is worth it.

I can say that a day doesn’t go by where I haven’t doubted myself or wondered if it’s all worth it. If I am worth it. If you are worth it. I call my girlfriends and cry, wondering what life is really for. Terrified of the risk of Loving so many. Letting people down. Wanting to tell the world to fuck off.

That’s all a part of being Human. It’s all par for the course.


We are always transforming. We are not meant to be stagnant. Hence the frustrated-ness peeps walk around with. We are meant to transform ourSelves. To dig in to Life. To experience our Passions and Dreams. To Live. 

So, Now what?!

Could we be Powerful through our human experiences? The embarrassing, the weird parts of us. Could we stop hiding ourSelves?

Could we See Another?

Could we Love? Like this?


It’s time to embrace all aspects of being us. Stop trying to figure it all out and trace it back. Stop wondering why. Stop allowing the worrying, doubting to stop us.


You. Are Everything, and Nothing.

That’s all there is to it. Now, what will we create?

Love. Beauty. Impeccability. Failure. Power. Trust. Mistakes. Loss. I choose it all. Every last drop of life.

Not because it will be easy, because it will be worth it.

What has your life be worth it? Ask yourSelf this……go there. Roll in that.

Self Care+Be Love

Thank you all, for being here with me. Wow, it’s been a ride to here. Soooooo many tears continue to flow. Human-ness lived. Wow. What a ride.


***will this even make a difference? Seriously? I don’t think so*** Man, oh man……

hahahahahah. Much Love ❤






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