Too long…I’ve been hiding….

I use this quote a lot…it began all of my internal work…..and sometimes I forget how bang on it is….


See, what I have been most afraid of is really, having it all….

My manifesto, written in June of 2015 declared this…

“Ayden knows, without a doubt, that I Love him. He is secure in that, no matter what life throws at him, he knows he is Love(d). I am able to roll with the punches of being a parent with Grace, remembering and discovering every moment. Who is he? Who am I? My eyes light up when he walks into the room. He knows he is one of a kind.

Roy knows he did nothing wrong. He is lit up, sees his awesomeness and takes that on to transform the world in his own way. He knows, without a doubt, that I Love him. He sees that our unworkability was not personal and he is free.

I do not live in any restriction but rather I enJOY my body, nourishing it and tasting life. As Taryn Brumfitt says, My body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to my dreams. I use my body to squeeze every last ounce out of life. It says yes every time I push boundaries, we risk. I Honor it, feed it (fairly) well and listen to its cues.

My experience of mySelf is that I am surrounded with Love. Circumstances will do as they may and I am rock solid. I am a stand for Love, from mySelf and for, and I share that with everyone around me. I do not settle for anything less than challenging LOL Aka…..I allow Love to teach me. To toss me over the rocks sometimes, to throw me a curve ball.

I find Honor in the lessons. No matter what, I am willing to be Love. To be that person who has that something that you can’t explain. I will be that. It’s Love. I am That.”

I had no idea how to fulfil on my Dreams. Like, really.

I can tell you that today, I feel as though all of the dreams I had, came true.

I finally have the life I dreamed of, the life I imagined. Not just that, the relationship I always wanted.

That’s right, finally, the relationship I always imagined being in. With a man who wakes up and co-creates me, every day.

It blows my mind every day I wake up and look around, and know that every moment I went through, every struggle, every win, every loss, it all led me here. To Paradise.

Not that he completes something that was incomplete, but that he inspires me to live life to the best of my ability. To up my game. To see what’s really possible, cause if THIS is possible, so is anything.

Cause this is so much more than what most would call a “relationship”……this is the ignition to the fire I never knew existed.

To the next chapter, lit by Love, Inspired by Possibility and truly Unstoppable….I have no idea what you bring and I am ready to say FUCK YES to it all.

To Love beyond cynicism. Cause, why live that way?

I Love you all. Thank you ❤



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