The vision emerges……


Little Things (1)

Here’s a funny fact about me……I don’t Love writing blogs when things are going amazing.

I want to be quiet, cause, you know, everyone is tired of hearing about my awesome life. They want to read about the crappy stuff…..

I did a course over the weekend and was reminded that we all have the conversations that stop us, or slow us.

One of mine is totally expressed inside of this quote…….


I have always been afraid of being too much for other people. For myself, I was never enough. When I read this, I remember thinking, whoa, my playing small doesn’t serve the world…..could this be true? It was. It is.

It’s been one hell of a ride, I have to say, to land in my life right now.

I am Honored.

Everywhere I turn, the people are whole-hearted.

My community is brilliant and generous and every day these people blow my mind.

They said it was possible to create the life of your dreams…….they were right……

I have to say that while I will never stop dreaming, or creating, I can finally sit down, look around and say it has all been and will forever be worth it. And, bring it on.

Life, truly lived, is NOT impossible. To have the life of your dream exists. I know. Cause even through the challenging times, suffering actually is optional.


Here’s something new and fun I have going on!

Elizabeth MacLoed and I are releasing YouTube videos, for you, beginning next week. These are super dear to my heart, since working with Liz never occurred as possible for me. Her work is some of the best I have found, its really an Honor to be collaborating with her.

The best part of these videos is that we share a lot of the Spiritual side of our journeys. It has always been my dream and my intention to work mostly in the energetic realm, so this creation is a giant step out on a new limb for me!


All I can say is, again, Thank you. To every one of you who says they read these or that my posts make a difference for you. Believe it or not, I wonder, so when you tell me, it keeps me digging.

There is no end to what can be created in life. Please, take a moment to let yourSelf off the hook for whatever it is you think you are that is inherently flawed.

You are Love(d)

Dear Life,

Thank you for it all. For the rough times and the torturous. For the tears and the rejection. For the Joy and Family. For my life’s canvas, exactly as it is…..

Thank you.

Love, Me



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