Ciao Italy

Well, off I go. A week has passed and I’m again, on days of planes. My overnight and half day in Toronto is pretty exciting since I will again be with friends… And….. I can’t wait to scoop Ayden in my arms.

Italy was all I imagined. Full of history, culture, faith….. Stories.

I’ve never had a “big” family and the experience of family here has me leave kinda relieved for my freedom. As much as I’ve always wanted the giant family, I forget that they come with their own agreements.

Being with these ladies for a week reminded me that we are here to EnJOY our lives, but mostly, those we Love.

I’m returning home with the following….

-Callus free hands, healed from the week away. A reminder that all bodies need a break.
-10lbs I will blame on eating not one vegetable all week…. Ok…. Well if you call spinach or tomatos bathing in olive oil veggies…. I ate some 😉 Also, I don’t think I’ve eaten this much pastry in my life….
-Gratitude. For it ALL. My home, friends, family, abundance, freedom….
-Humility. These ladies remind me I’m a woman, who Loves people, gets hurt, grieves, laughs….just like us all.
-Perspective. Freedom. The women in Italy were never seen on the street. They are at home, tending to the home, kids, food. Noticing this over and over, I’m left Grateful for the ability to be ballsy and outspoken. Thank God I live in Canada.
-New Family. These people welcomed me into every home, even though I spoke not a word of Italian. They fed me, hugged me, kept attempting to include me. What generous people. Nicola, Cats cousin left me with an open invitation to return any time I wanted, saying he’d miss me instantly…. I mean. Come on. I could cry.
-Completion. In so many ways this trip opened my eyes, my heart. It brought me to foundation. It reminded me that life is what we make it. This part is probably the most integral for me right now. I’m complete with the life I wish I had. The one where I travel around, am not tied down and drift with the wind. I missed Ayden like crazy and for once, I’m 100% prepared to come home and have him be my purpose……(cue tears on a plane)
-Forgiveness. For every one and every thing. For my resistance. Fears. Judgement. For another’s struggle.
-Compassion. For we are all learning our lessons the way we will. I see the clouding that judgement creates and I see that all we want is people who Love us through our ugly parts, seeing them as pieces of our beauty as they make up, us.

I leave Italy in Love, in a deeper way again than I thought possible. In Love, with me, life, friends…..generous strangers….the opportunity it is to Live this Beautiful Life.

Once again,
Thank youIMG_20151204_120359429


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