Landing, full of emotion

I’m sitting on a plane, my final one of the trip. Outside the window, beautiful waters as far as my eyes can see, farm land and what appears to be one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve laid eyes on.

Italy. Wow.

I’m still really in shock that I’m here actually. Not a week ago, this trip didn’t exist.

I’m getting present to the fact that when I step out, in about 20 minutes, Caterina will be there to greet me. It’s her birthday today, and I’m moved to tears at the Honor it is not just to be here, but to be this woman’s friend.

Many of you will never meet this beautiful woman. She spends much of her life travelling and living her own creation. She’s taught me a ton over our 15 year friendship, including how to really Love, in absence and distance.

I think of how much my mom would have Loved to be here with me. She’d bring an excitement that would match mine and we’d probably be overwhelmed with tears witnessing this dream come true.

Italy. Friendship. Love. Community. Relationship. Hearts dancing together in the Ether of life. Dreams coming true.

The songs playing in my ear are Ma. She’s resounding in my memories. Tears well in my eyes and I wonder if these Italians wonder why the only blonde here is holding back tears.

I’m more moved than ever by life right now. What’s possible when we truly invest in those we Love.

I think of Roy and Ayden at home. They’re going through the motions of every day life. I giggle inside at the secret I feel I carry. How blessed I am to have them, and this.

Life is no set way. It’s WHAT EVER THE FUCK we create. At any and every moment. It’s the connections we make and nurture.

As I travel, connecting more and more with those who truly matter to me, I cannot actually explain to you how much it feels like this is what I was made for.

Deep down, it’s resounding within me. My life is a blessing, an Honor. I remember!!! I remember what I’m doing here!!!!

Love. That’s it. All of it.

I’ve learned that in the face of any and all opposition, I know what my own life is for, and that’s what matters in the end. It feels like a whole new freedom, I taste it and grapple with my ego taking it all in. I get to have this life???!!

I will forever dedicate my Life, Love, Dreams and Creation, to forward that ANYTHING is possible.

Ma. I wish you were here. No one would run out and loudly greet our beautiful friends like you, so I will, in your memory. I will embrace them and remind them how special they are. This dream trip ain’t the same without you, and I know you are here, right with me, always. It’s not the same.

Well, clouds are coming back into view and we are decending……

I’m gonna burst with tears of Gratitude and Love….. The moment I lay eyes on this very very Loved birthday girl…..

To all at home. Thank you for making this possible. You may not know how you did, and, you did. All of you make my life possible.

In infinite Gratitude.


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