WTF? Italy?!



Italy??!! THIS FRIDAY????? What??? Are you kidding me? Like, for real?

Not just that, but two of THE MOST important women in my life……Landing on Caterina’s 40th birthday for Italian family dinner….after having lunch the day before with my Soul Sister Ainsley. A week in Italy, doing whatever we want, and then, another 24 hrs with Ains.

Yeah, I just randomly, last minute booked a trip to Italy!

Gratitude is exploding from my heart

Seriously. I feel as though I have awoken in my life, and its a dream, and its my life.

Many of you know, without a doubt, that people are what matter to me. If you are in my inner circle, or read these, you get it, its clear.

Years ago, I was amidst a bunch of teachings, experiments and observations in life when I stumbled upon Self Love. Not the “Loving the person you see in the mirror” kind, but rather, “Love, for the Life that human has the Honor of Living”. That Self.

It was a completely new view to me, as I had always viewed self love as loving my body or my behaviors, feelings, choices. I thought those all determined how “love-able” I was.

I began to play around with the belief that we are all inherently Love-able. It was weird. It began a long process of Forgiveness of MySelf, one I now see many of my clients on. Funny enough, years later, I would understand that this Forgiveness is also inherent 😉

So, what does this have to do with Italy? Hahahah you’ll see, maybe 😉

I stumbled upon a belief that our Lives must first Serve us. Ahhhhh!! I know, selfish, selfish, selfish. I hear you! And I ask you to pause that. I thought this too. Then, I began to live my life for my Self. Not my identity or ego. My Self.

I am Love. Wherever I am, I make THE difference, and leave people with the experience that anything is possible….A “Spark”

When I began Living, out there in life, as this, a funny thing began to happen. I was enJOYing my life, and so were others around me. In fact, everything was transforming.

I began to delve into this. What if I look after my body, mind and spirit, what if I do this? So on and so forth.

The results, blew my sceptical mind. I was making the difference, enJOYing my life, loving the people around me and all of it happened when I took the BEST care of, ME.

Yes, it appears counter-intuitive, and, let me say, I have found that most of life is, although never will I stand that I have truth, of course!


I fully believe that the opportunities I get to experience in Life, such as trips (FULL of Love) to Italy and many others, are my life being a conduit for the message that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…..when I step out of the way 😉 Pretty cool Thank You from the Universe, eh?!

I am reminded, the rough times, the sobbing times, the fun times, the dead end/can’t do it anymore Captain moments……It ain’t easy, and its always worth it.

A conduit allows, it does not block.

Whatever YOU are going through. Find the Beauty, the Gratitude, bring it to your Self.

Find and Know your Self, Declare your life, Live into it, Take Actions accordingly, Be it, and your Dreams will come true too. I know it to be true.

“When you are Liberated from your own fears, your presence automatically liberates others” —Marianne Williamson

Italy. I know you will be yet another blossoming for me, another emergence. From a cocoon I sometimes forget I am in. Until I begin to push at the edges, the remembrance of a world beyond what I know.

Oh man. Dear Italy, Dear World, Dear Life, Here I go………



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