Love is Invincible



For the first time, I feel as though this post may be entirely for Me.

Love. We throw the word around a bit these days.

What is Love, Really?

Is it the feeling you get when someone walks in the room? You catch a glimpse of them, and, that’s enough. Is it the little fingers wrapped around yours? Is it the moment your eyes meet?

Is it words we say because that person is our friend, or family? Is it the words we mimic to our spouse?

Is it a deep feeling of tinglies? Butterflies coming up to meet the fireworks?

I can’t tell you what Love is. There is no answer. I think, it’s all of it. And so much more.


I have come to discover, for me, is the unwillingness to give up on mySelf, or others. Wayne Dyer is quoted above, again, because this one hits it, nails it. “Without any insistence that they satisfy YOU”. This is when Love is truly present.

When we can Be Love. That it’s not actually a feeling we get but rather, an experience we create.

Create that people experience Love with you. They do. We do. Win Win.

But what about when life isn’t roses? What is Love when people don’t meet our expectations? When they break our hearts? Hurt us? Steal, cheat, lie? Love, when someone is ______? Love?


I often have a battle with Source in these moments. It’s all fine and dandy to Be Love when its easy and all is going well. Not so much when the identity is screaming obscenities. “BUT WHY?” Why me, why Love? OMG, SERIOUSLY…..WHY CAN’T I JUST…..F@CK…..

Then. I choose Love. (I’d say about 92% of the time now, which is a huge freaking win)

Every time I do, I win. Love wins.

There is something so Powerful inside of choosing from this space. Bringing all of life to it, not just it to Life. Allowing identity/ego/humanity to just BE. Whatever…….give it up…..Choose. Not because one person is right and the other wrong or that you even need to agree with them. Just, that choosing Love makes something new available.

There really is no way for me to describe this or explain it. All I know is, Love is Invincible. It can handle anything and move through the waters of our Lives with Grace. Nothing will make life easy. Its gonna have its tough times, they’re inevitable. And, you can be unmessable.

Love, its the Answer.



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