Here’s to You….to Me…..Namaste


Here’s to the dreamers, the ones who get out of bed every day for no other reason than to make the world a better place. Keep your Heart open and your eyes on the sky.

Here’s to the impractical. The ones who throw caution to the wind, over and over. How many times can you listen to another’s view of how life should be anyways?

Here’s to the rebels, the ones who color outside of the lines. They leave streaks on your heart, never to be the same. You see life as a daring adventure and throw yourSelf into it all.

Here’s to the quiet. You leave us wondering what’s in your brain but rarely in your heart. We see you. Your willingness to come out of your shell and let us in is much appreciated. Yet, when you return to your shell, you remain, a powerful stand, humble and unwavering.

Here’s to the Mamas, who do it all and never lose their drive to know themSelves. You do countless loads of laundry, listen to endless conversations both in English and many other languages, including Whiny. You continue to give your Love, every day, because these little blessings were given to you, and you refuse to quit and do your damn-dest in every moment not to let them down. You are a Hero.

Here’s to our children, who get the best of us, which is always transforming, and the worst of us, because we really don’t have a freaking clue.

Here’s to the men who Love powerful women. Thank you for raising the water level, for encompassing the Divine in all her glory and allowing her to see herSelf in your reflection. Your work, done to be with her, is forever paid forward.

Here’s to the Generous. You give without hesitation. Dreams coming true are a reflection of you. You are a Miracle Creator.

Here’s to the Grumpy. You cause unconditional Love to be present. You challenge the Love Warrior, calling them to BE their work. You are a special breed, a stand for Love and Acceptance. Unreasonable. You are the Love Warrior.

Here’s to the Parents. You know, the ones of todays “adult”. You did it! Your children are alive and grown. You have done well, Forgive yourSelf. One day they will have their own kids, and all will be, well, Karmatic 😉 Maybe they already do, so you know this now! No matter what, Thank you.

Here’s to the Free Spirits. You are Beautiful. Your windblown Love inspires no matter where it goes. You inspire art. You are art.

Here’s to the lost. Find the spark and hold it tight. You are not alone and there is another way. Find the next spark. Light your torch as you walk.

Here’s to the lonely. This one feels the real-est. Do not stay here. Feel it fully and know that you will always walk alone, yet never alone. For life is about releasing expectations, and one of the hardest to release is this. You are not alone. You are alone. These can both exist and you can still have peace.

Here’s to the perfectionists. Hee-hee! How’s that going for you? Wanna give yourSelf a break yet? How about accepting you just as you are so that you can get on with some living? You are Perfect, and perfection doesn’t exist.

Here’s to the sceptics. Of what? That life doesn’t actually suck for no reason. For real, there is nothing to believe. See “Grumpy” above.

Here’s to the HUMAN.

YOU, are Beautiful. You are perfectly you. You cannot be any other way. So, why resist it? From there, choose how you will be and what you will do with your Beautiful life, your one go around in this body.

Release the things you hold so tightly to. Only because holding tightly isn’t actually comfortable. I know, the other side looks scary. You don’t know how it’s going to go or if you can handle it. You can, you always can, if you’re willing to stick it out. Anything truly is possible.

Know that you are Love(d). This is KEY. At the core, you are Love. Treating yourSelf in accordance with this and then taking it out into the world allows us to Be the Change we wish to see. Because who doesn’t wish for more Love on the planet?

You are Beauty. No matter what you look like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, therefore, if YOU are Beauty, so will everyone else be and vice versa. Namaste.

There is nothing wrong with you. Life is a wild ride,you will have ups and downs. No matter where you are on the journey, stop for a moment to realize how far you’ve come, and then just keep swimming, just keep swimming……….


For everything you are, everything you do, every dream you have and every moment you hang in there believing in yourSelf. Don’t give up and settle for life………….Apply Love and Compassion…….Forgive you…..Because………….



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