My steps to Self Love :-)


Can anyone relate to this moment? I sure can.

I don’t really know how to “properly share” what’s been going on lately but I am about to do my best.

I truly believe that the last 6 months have brought me to a place I didn’t know existed. At least, I didn’t think it could exist, for me. I feel more grounded than ever before and even though I am foggy about what’s to come, it feels good. I have never loved the unknowing so much and yet not.

What I have discovered is a deeper realm of Loving MySelf.

My Mom used to go on and on about how Loving others was the most important thing in life. I never got it, until now. See, she knew something many of us don’t, how to truly Love and EnJOY ourSelves first.

She found delight in the little moments and was always a great time. Her laughter filled rooms and people were always Loved Out Loud (LOL) where she was.

Recently, I have had the experience having my heart Broken-Open in a way I never have. I discovered this………


I don’t want to step over the fact that it says Pain. The pain must be felt, moved through the body. The visceral experience of life cannot be overlooked, or transformed. I have found that if the pain is not resisted, is honored, listened to and then completed, we can move through these “painful” places with more velocity. And, sometimes, not.

I have the pleasure of having a life full of incredibly amazing people. We live our lives on the edge, most of the time we are creating as we go along, to tell the truth! Because of this, our community is a never ending wealth of opportunities to Love, like this………and experience our fair share of Heart Break-Open.


What I have discovered, which moves me to tears, is that Love is not the pretty times, even though it’s that too. It is in the moments when we Love, for no reason, we extend permission for the person we Love to be whomever they choose.

Now, I know many have been waiting for this….my Self Love Instructions…….since Loving YOU must come first. Here it is! My best shot!

  1. Accept that you are human too. Fuck ups and all. All of it. Drop that there is anything wrong with you.
  2. Fight with the above statement for a while, resist it
  3. Get that you are human, look around at humans, see you
  4. Be confused by the above statement
  5. Begin to see the Beauty in everyone. No matter what they do/say or who they are for you.
  6. Debate the above statement
  7. Try on that you are also that Beauty.
  8. Freak the F$ck out about that statement, gain evidence of why I am wrong
  9. See your Beauty.
  10. Freak out, possibly run away, create something wrong….sabotage
  11. Come back. Bring Compassion.
  12. Do something that fills your Love Tank, Nourishes your Soul.
  13. Yeah, I said it, drag your ass to that, NOW
  14. Repeat this for as many years as you live
  15. Refuse and Sabotage-I am sure there is something wrong with me. Gain 10-100lbs. Ruin Relationship.
  16. Bring Compassion. You are human and you f$ck up. Everyone does. Forgive. Again.
  17. Forget how to bring Compassion and resent my statement
  18. Get acknowledged by someone for something–remember for a slight second who you are
  19. Continue the neurosis for the rest of your life.
  20. Choose to Love yourSelf now, fully, in all of the chaotic mess that you are and will be. Extend that Love to others. It will then come back to you to fill you when you are in need. This creates a never-ending Love Source for you.
  21. Self Love. You’ve arrived.
  22. Oops… gained 8lbs, your car broke down, your parent is sick
  23. Repeat.
  24. You are human. And you are Love(d)

One thought on “My steps to Self Love :-)

  1. I love it.. yes we are human and yes we have to learn to develop this self love for ourself! Such a beautiful message you put out here in this post.. I’d love for you to check out my blog saying we stress similar topics to out readers (:

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