MAMAS….Yep….I said it….


If parenting occurs as a Beautiful, Natural, Amazing thing.…all the time….and you get offended when women admit its not easy…….DO NOT READ THIS. Thanks!


This blog sparked in my mind over this weekend and then it confirmed it’s necessity in an afternoon spent with a new friend. See, like many, she shared with me that my posts and blogs make a difference for her. It reminded me that y’all Love to hear others share their lives, vulnerably.

Then, we got on the subject of being Moms.

So, I put together this blog to share my humor, vulnerability and some fun parenting dialogue!

Many of you know that being a Mom isn’t always my favourite part of life. Now, HALT. For all of you who just freaked out; calm down. I can always put that aside to be the best Mom possible, and, I love Ayden very much. But, seriously, I prefer adults.

Parenting has been the most challenging thing for me so far.

On the learning end of it, I have now dubbed it “The Self Development Program for Love”. I have learned through Ayden that Love is not a feeling of butterflies and excitement and warm fuzzies all the time. Love is holding the Sacred space for someone to be any way they are, and still seeing their greatness. I can Thank him, HUGE, for this lesson. It’s been one of the most valuable. And painful.

To all the parents out there… can be a challenge. We cram them into carseats, clean up all sorts of “matter”, say no against screaming and sometimes, abuse. We get yelled at and told we aren’t loved. They slam doors and pound their little feet, all because they don’t want to take a bath….you get it. It’s the day to day of being a parent.


Then, they crawl on our laps and snuggle in, give us Puss in Boots eyes


and VOILA…..we are to forgive their transgressions and pull them in tight….and mostly…..we do. That in itself, PS, means we rock.

You are the Super Hero who band-aids knees and wipes tears. You are like a safety blanket, yet one that triggers sudden poor behaviour and selective hearing. You are the safe space they come to when they’re rejected or joyous. We are it. Mom. It ALL.

Their Hero.


You are AMAZING. You give it all. Even when you think you should be better, do better, calm down, fold laundry, clean, work, make money, ummmm……oh yeah…..bathe and feed your kids….OMG….have you eaten??!! Have you slept?!



Cheers, to the mamas who feel THIS way every day. May you know you are more than enough and doing a fantastic job. Cause, come on, we’ll always feel this way I think. I always imagined I would be that awesome parent. You know, the one who doesn’t let their kid spend countless hours on an Ipad. Or, the one who makes them eat whatever I am eating, cause that’s whats “good for them”. HA!

momfunny2Hahahah I have these friends. You know who you are! You bake and shit. Gawd, stop it. You make us all look bad 😉 LOL If I shower, it’s been a great day! Oh, the luxuries of being a Mom.

momfunny5Who can’t relate to THIS? Come on?! Nothing to say here except that I have become masterful at not doing that within range of Ayden unless I wanna watch some YouTube video on kids toys….And how come he only starts singing cute songs LOUDLY when I answer my phone?

momfunny3I chose this one as my last because, HELL, all women, all moms, KNOW. This is the moment we have all been waiting for! To come home, take those f@cking tight things off and put our lulus on. Ten pounds suddenly looks like more (great looking) “A” and we feel like we’re home, in more ways than one.

Whew, another day! We lived, they lived, everyone lived.

“MOM”–screams someone who’s hungry or just pooped…………


momfunny                     momtry


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