Toronto, Ottawa, Perth, Montreal, Niagara, Lake Eugenia…..7 days….PART 2


hungoverI am hungover. Oh well, take a bath and head to collect my purse…..then…..fooooooooddddd! Orange juice, for sure. We leave at 12 for Montreal.

drivingWe do a shit load of driving. We have the most amazing conversations. Those who know us, know that to be in this car was GOLDEN. Ainsley and I are a Powerhouse couple. Together, we cause huge shifts. Because of the HOURS in the car with this woman, I am finally able to let mySelf out and be who I am, in all my “weirdness” cause someone this FUCKING AWESOME Loves me. These moments are the most priceless of the whole trip. Tears and vulnerability sandwiches were on the menu. Laughter, till we hurt, and cried, also was. We didn’t let one moment get away from us, we ate them all up, well, we brought healthy snacks, of course!

notredameI see Notre Dame. Montreal in itself was gorgeous. I was blown away. I Love that city. I would go back actually, and I never thought I would say that.

montrealWe go, with a friend of Ainsleys, to lunch. I eat poutine, of course. We have one of the most profound conversations, possibly, so far, of my life. This says a lot. I will never be the same after meeting this woman. These kinds of meetings are rare.

We drive home, 6 hours to Toronto and arrive at 2am.


We sleep….till 10…..and then laze around till 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN!

niagara1Ray picks us up and we pour our wine and head out to the VIP, Ray led, hike down to the water! Bless his soul, and ours, we got a little lost. Eventually, we found our way back to safety, and air conditioning!!!

niagara2Just cause I love her.

fallsNiagara Falls. Isn’t it beautiful. I was blown away…..

and……..been there, done that! We head out for a beautiful dinner at a friend of Ray’s restaurant, there’s good food, good wine, great people. Great life. Then, we go out dancing, then drive back to Toronto. Its 3am when we arrive…..


Keep in mind I am leaving tomorrow……

julieainsleyWe go meet up with this Beauty. Julie is a client of mine and came to one of our retreats, years ago. She is BEAUTIFUL. This woman, holy cow. She radiates. The three of us together, was Epic. It was an explosion of everything vulnerable. So beautiful. All intermingled with wine and fine cheese. I mean, come on, who could complain?! Well, it gets better.

Off we go to the “family cabin” on the lake. Ummmm….do you guys see that? Yeah, the family mansion on the lake……..


There are many times in life when I look around me and I see a dream. Like a piece of my dreams just showed up. This place, was for sure, the closest I have ever been to my dream space. Gratitude. These are the moments I am Wealthy, living abundantly, through community and relationships. I mean, wow. I was floored.

We spent the night here in this beautiful space, listening to new speakers and discussing realms only discussed in sacred spaces. Game changing. It completed a portion of this trip for me, the one in which I discover mySelf more, which I find on every venture. This is the life I want. Surrounded by Beauty, all around me. Fully Embraced and Vulnerable. Gotten and Giving. Hearts so full they could explode.

hugs hugs2

Good bye Ladies………..


I hold it together as we drive away from Julie, barely. We meet Rachel, a friend who had been trying to connect with us all week. What a colorful character! Rachel, you are a beacon of sunshine in a dull world. Thanks for shining brightly. Pachi.

Then, Ainsley takes me to the airport. Where buckets of tears flow from our faces. It’s been too long and we don’t want to say good bye. It’s the hardest good bye of my life, possibly since my Mom. I cried in the airport for about an hour after we split. I miss that girl already.

So, needless to say it was an amazing trip. It transformed me, again.

It takes a Village, and I have one…….MORE TO COME!


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