Toronto, Ottawa, Perth, Montreal, Niagara, Lake Eugenia…..7 days…..My trip

First off, Thank you to those who actually have been waiting for this post cause you genuinely want to know how the trip went.

Of course, I could never share it ALL here. It would just go on and on!! So, that, I will save for story times with y’all.

Here is a summarized picture tour through the first 4 days of the trip! Short and Sweet! EnJOY!

I arrived in Toronto Thursday. Ainsley was there to pick me up. YEP. You got it, we ran to eachother eeeeeeeee’ing and crying…..SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Holy Cow.



This was a big day! I met Ainsley’s new Love, Eric (we’re kissing him!). It’s been a long time coming to meet this man. Eric-I Love you. I am so Grateful my friend has you. Antonio came, he was a hoot. We rode roller coasters for hours and hours, all of them, scared or not. So fun.


We drive 2 hours to Ottawa, have our wedding rehearsal and then…..

cryingWe Cry…..well…I cry…..A LOT. More than either friend has ever seen. I was overwhelmed with Love. We had been separated for a long time, and none of it mattered. I was Home. These Ladies. Just Beautiful.

togetherWe (I) cry through this beautiful lunch, with the whole wedding party!!

wepartyThe party begins…..its a hot afternoon with Gin and Tonic, beautiful people and these beauties. Seriously, Ashley and Tony, you guys are an amazing group of people. Thank you for sharing your community with me, and Ainsley! PS…Ainsley took a weeks vacation from work to be my personal guide. Ummm…seriously. #blessed. Thank you Ainsley!

thishappenedThen, this happens! Yep, its my brilliant plan to keep things covered and not sweat to death while I baked in the sun. Yep, that’s my Gin sitting there. What can I say?! These are the moments.



daydrinkingYep, we got there around noon….I think 😉 It was this kinda day!

ashleyandmeAshley had my hair and makeup done. That was cool! I felt like a girl, for sure!! This was such a fun afternoon spent in her beautiful room on the water. People in and out. Tears, laughter, wonderful friends feeding us. Oh, thank god for that lady!

ainsleyashleyMy Friends. I Love you. You’re Beautiful. I don’t need to say anything more.

brideandgroomThen, this happened. Aren’t they just picture perfect. These guy are the epitome of In Love. Its undeniable that exists, these guys have it. I am so Grateful I went to Ontario to be here for their moment.

We partied Sunday night, until about 1….yep. Like that. We hit the dance floor and let it all go. It was intoxicating—in more ways than one. Smiles were abundant and sweat happened.

Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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