Rollercoasters of Gratitude……Tears Flowing

In Alignment with my Manifesto-Life has shown up-full force……Asking me to Step In. To Step In to who I Am and Choose it Powerfully. I accepted and man, did Ontario bring clarity.

Since returning home from this trip, I have been hitting the floor on my knees and tears are flowing like crazy. Not like, oh poor me I am so sad tears, these are cleansing, they are Gratitude. They flow like UGLY cry. I know there has been a ton of sadness built up through the years that I withheld. I just held that shit in. And hey, I’m the “strong one” so it’s all good. Ha! Thank you Life, Love. I know mySelf too well now to let all that stay. It’s moving out. That looks like tears, sadness, completion, willingness, Love, Compassion… looks like Life. The roller coaster we refer to as Life anyways. And for it, I am Grateful. I cannot really explain this experience actually. It’s beyond language.

I wrote this the moment I got in. This is JUST the beginning of the content from this trip.




I just walked in the door from Toronto. It’s 4am their time and I can’t deny feeling compelled to write this, right now.

As a coach, I have the Honor of being the Sacred Space for peoples stories. A place where they can be heard, known, seen. Where they know they are Love(d).

I have almost heard it all. I’ve listened to ALL kinds of people’s stories. Thousands. It’s in these interactions I find Compassion for humanity and I know it’s not just me. We’ve all been there, Heaven and Hell. Right here.

Today, I stopped in the Calgary airport to buy my fav travel food, Chili’s Southwestern Egg rolls! I sit down to drink my water while I wait to have them made. A man sits beside me. He’s wearing a floral button up shirt. He’s in his 30s and he starts chatting with me, as people tend to do. He orders a drink and food and shares he’s going to Nova Scotia, home. He shares he worked 19hrs that day. We chat a bit. He mentions he’s going to 2 funerals tomorrow. We chat a bit. He tells me at 11am this morning he got a call from his sister that both his parents, in their 50’s, had been killed in a car accident that morning………

Dead stop.

This man had no idea when he went to work that this day would look like this. It was another day in Calgary. At his “tv” job. Just a normal day….Can you imagine?

I took a deep breath.

I hugged him.

Going through my whole body was this undeniable sense of “What would you ever say to this? WTF?” All I could offer was my Heart. I told him I was leaving a piece of it. He seemed to know that was exactly what he needed in that moment.

He thanked me, and I flew home.

Full of Gratitude for my family and friends.

Life is a roller coaster. Unpredictable. Sudden. Wonderful. Devastating.

The quicker we accept this, the better.

Because, relationships are what matter. Really, the relationships we cultivate are our Life Fulfilled.

Every time we interact with another person, it’s an opportunity to leave the world impacted. We choose.

Tonight, I arrived home to my beautiful space with new Grateful eyes. This trip was Pivotal to my life. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, after I sleep.

I came in to my room. Immediately, Gratitude came over me and I was brought to tears. Like, imagine, ugly cry.

As I often do, I began to Thank Source…. Thank you Thank you… Thank you…..

Dear Life. You are Profound. I understand there is nothing wrong with me, with us as Humans. We choose. And sometimes our choice appears to suck. Sometimes our Life appears to suck. Life is like a choose your own adventure book, therefore, I will adventure. Thank you for this beautiful roller coaster…..that sometimes scares the shit out of me! Let’s go. Cause I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m strapped in. And, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Health of my Loved ones tonight. Thank You.



4 thoughts on “Rollercoasters of Gratitude……Tears Flowing

  1. So profound! Love hearing how you shine and imbue love in to the lives of others, even if they’re strangers. Absolutely amazing!!

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