For Realz……..My new Manifesto

So, Crap.

You know those conversations where you see you’ve been selling out on yourself? Well, many of you do! I had a particularly incredible one with my brother this week. I have had a few of these this week actually.

I have always known that I haven’t been going after what I really want. I haven’t even been willing to declare it, nevermind actually have it.

So, in true me style, here it is…….My new Manifesto


scares you

I am a Coach. A freaking amazing one, at that.

My clients and I are a great fit. We create Love, Compassion and Dream Lives. No holds barred. We lead powerful lives and experience ourSelves as Fulfilled.

I am located somewhere, anywhere really, often right here in Victoria!

My “work” consists of a phone plus a crazily transformational conversation. Lives are never the same after “working” with me. I have the Honor and Opportunity to work with some of the greatest humans ever, and they know that my Love for them has nothing to do with my paycheque. They happily contribute financially to my life, knowing they have forwarded something much bigger. They have. I use my life to serve, I be the change I wish to see. In exchange, I have all I need and want.

I am a Mom. I travel around with and without Ayden and enJOY the privilege of being alive in this beautiful world. I meet people everywhere I go and expand my community powerfully. It takes a village, and I have one.


Ayden knows, without a doubt, that I Love him. He is secure in that, no matter what life throws at him, he knows he is Love(d). I am able to roll with the punches of being a parent with Grace, remembering and discovering every moment. Who is he? Who am I? My eyes light up when he walks into the room. He knows he is one of a kind.

Roy knows he did nothing wrong. He is lit up, sees his awesomeness and takes that on to transform the world in his own way. He knows, without a doubt, that I Love him. He sees that our unworkability was not personal and he is free.

I do not live in any restriction but rather I enJOY my body, nourishing it and tasting life. As Taryn Brumfitt says, My body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to my dreams. I use my body to squeeze every last ounce out of life. It says yes every time I push boundaries, we risk. I Honor it, feed it (fairly) well and listen to its cues.

My experience of mySelf is that I am surrounded with Love. Circumstances will do as they may and I am rock solid. I am a stand for Love, from mySelf and for, and I share that with everyone around me. I do not settle for anything less than challenging LOL Aka…..I allow Love to teach me. To toss me over the rocks sometimes, to throw me a curve ball.

I find Honor in the lessons. No matter what, I am willing to be Love. To be that person who has that something that you can’t explain. I will be that. It’s Love. I am That.



I can’t just leave you with that because there’s a conversation about this that needs to be had.

You see, I am afraid of declaring all of this because……I am afraid of what people will think or say…. I am afraid of disappointing people, of not being good enough…….AREN’T WE ALL?????

I mean, come on? If my success or failure is based on how many people, and what type, like me and want to work with me….then what?

I am not perfect. I break rules, I swear, I am not always the best mom, I prefer to work, my marriage didn’t work, I don’t make a ton of money, I drink sometimes, I eat chips……I mean I could go on and on. I am not perfect and put under the judgement microscope, well……I fail. How could I coach anyone on anything? How could I “teach” anyone anything?

These are the plaguing thoughts and judgements of my “waiting for perfection” game. We all have our own version of this. And it’s about time we let ourselves off of this very unrealistic hook.

Last night I finally understood that our perfection is distinct from perfection. To wait for perfection would keep me waiting my whole life, our perfection is inherent.

I have been waiting to allow myself my dream life until I had achieved perfection, until there was nothing about me that could be judged. HA! Even though, I “know” this is the biggest pitfall ever. I am sitting in it. Waiting until the risk of judgement goes down……like there’s a hope in hell of that……


So, I know, its freakin hard to shift your thinking, to transform your life. It’s hard to live life a new way and be kind when the whole world is……..not. Its not easy. Nevermind the voice(s) in your own head. Man, they won’t shut up. They have a million things to say and a billion ways to mess with our lives. They want nothing to do with us risking a darned thing.

Ps…’s true….they won’t go away. They do get much “quieter” but they will always be there. Yep, those things. Always.

Then how the heck do we actually cause something to shift? Not just learn it and know it and speak it.

If I could give you an answer, I would. I can’t. This is the discovery of life. The cocoon, the emergence. Each persons is their own.

In my experience, experiencing it for yourself is the only way to truly know. Cause, essentially, then you know, you didn’t know, and never will……but that’s a whole new story!


STOP WAITING FOR PERFECTION. Go after Your Dream Life. You are Perfect, just as you are. There is only one YOU! 


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