Emerging and Building Community

Today was a rollercoaster and a half. Full of ups and downs, tears of joy, tears of anger, tears, heart bursting Gratitude and Love. Never have a had a day as
polarized as this. SOOOO much awesome and a decent amount of not.

What I want to share is an incredible moment I shared with a long time client today. I have a core group of clients I work with on a regular basis, many for years. This very
special gal and I have been working together for about 2 1/2 years, and wow, that blows my mind. Today, I witnessed her emerge in such a graceful way I had to ask if I could blog about
it. So you know, she said yes, even though I will not be using her name.

The Emergence Witnessed…….


There are sacred times in my life when I have had the honor of doing what I call “welcoming” someone to their life. It is a rare and very divine moment.

So, me and said client are sitting at her kitchen table when she reads me a Facebook post she wrote. It was BRILLIANT. Now, I know a brilliant post when I see it and I began to cry the moment she told me she wrote it. The tears just flowed, I couldn’t speak. I could see her finally emerging from her cocoon and stepping into her brilliance as a woman. Holy cow. This moment could never be captured with language. It was something unspoken where the Love flood gates opened and nothing but pure and utter joy and gratitude were there. We shared a huge hug and cried on
eachother as she thanked me for being the one who stood for her. Really, it was her. I was her witness, cheerleader and conduit. She created the space for the work to
be done.

The big wins are in the little moments. The moment she realized that life was not lived travelling from stressor to stressor or worry to worry. Life is lived when you
jump, throw your heart in full boar. She’s created the relationship of her dreams and navigated the waters with ease and grace. A woman who was once riddled with concerns and
anxiety is now this beautiful powerhouse. She can see herself, she can use her power, she can open her heart and know she’s gotten. Freedom. That is what was on her face. Pure Freedom.

iphone 040

Many people ask me what I do. Here’s the truth. I stand by people, unapologetically, until they win. I push them and Love them, hug them and hold them accountable to their heart. I do this first for myself. I share my journeys with y’all and write these for you as much as for me. I get to learn through my own experience and then pass it on. What an honor.
There is really nothing else to be lived for but the experience of living and we can only experience the Now. Nothing else can actually be lived in. Yet, we are mostly in our heads looking
backwards or forwards and forgetting to stop and be where we are.

The Power of Presence…………Making the difference

For those of you who want an access to making the biggest difference for people, here is my best piece for you. Be Present. Listen to people, Love them, give up judgement (it’s never worth
the lack of Love) and be real. We are all human. Don’t forget, as my mom used to say, when you point a finger you have 3 pointing back at you. Want to really connect with people?
Create a safe space for them to be, however and whoever they are, and just stinking Love them. Who cares about all those piddly complaints? Got big ones? Toxic people? Great,
never forget that loving yourself first means you don’t play with everyone. Choose your life team mates wisely. As they say, you are the average of your closest 5 people. Look around.
What do you see?

I make a difference for people because everything must first work for me. If it doesn’t, it will never work. Period. I only take clients I love, I work only with people who show up in my space
and ask for the partnership. I don’t advertise and market my work because hey, it’s perfect just the way it is, there is always room for growth and I want to choose my tribe.

Choosing your tribe……..


We are all reading energy. We know when we’ve just met someone we like, or don’t and we can pretty much say we have a first impression/judgement and know whether we want to be around that
person in the future. Being Love doesn’t mean you bring everyone into your tribe. It means that you choose your team mates and wish nothing but success to those whom you choose not to
play with.

I choose my tribe based on integrity and vulnerability levels. Clearly I am living life with a big game and I choose the places my heart is the safest, first.

Then, you know, those people come in. You know the ones, they’re new energy, and the heart is on the line. If I could say anything about this, it would be to fully open, don’t hold back. Contrary to
popular belief, doing the whole “I am never going to let myself love and get hurt again” thing, only leaves us experiencing a Love blockage.

You’ll get hurt, guaranteed.

That’s all part and parcel of living. Don’t take it personally. Look within, learn, grow, add to your tribe, root your heart in the solid branches so you can swing out from time to time!
Throw your heart in, I have come to understand, through this, that the heart actually cannot be broken. It can be sad, grieve, flutter….but every time I have put it on the line
I have learned more about who I am and true invincibility. Don’t hold back. As far as we know, you get one round in this body. Do not waste it trying to keep you and your
heart safe. Live fully, on the edge, with Love, Vulnerability and a stink load of integrity…..the rest will take care of itself. Even when it looks like it’s not.


Update…..in case you’re still here!
I am in my new place, almost completely unpacked. It’s been a trip, the first day. I am so grateful to my amazing community who helped me move and clean, kept me company while I unpacked
and brought me coffee (we all know how I love my coffee!) and especially to those who held my heart today. You guys always blow my mind. So many more people are stepping to the plate to support me, in so many ways. It really does have me humbled and honoured to call you all Home, my Family. I am sure I will be experiencing a gamut of emotions over the next while, I’ll be sure to share them, so y’all know how normal you are 😉

Much much Love and Gratitude.


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