Planning so much fun….and crying more than ever

This coming Saturday is my event, Super-Women Unplugged. This vision coming into fruition has been one of the most groundbreaking of my life, believe it or not.

See……I have had a story hanging around for A LONG TIME. It sounds something like “People aren’t going to show up for you, they say they will but really, in the end, they won’t”.

For a long time, that story has proven itself right. No matter how many events I have done where people show up, it’s still here. Looming over my head.

Last week, it showed up with a vengeance. I had sold 2 tickets to my event, to Bri (one of my besties and biggest supporters) and Roberta (my cheerleader in everything!). Let’s just say, I wanted to throw in the towel. I even considered cancelling the event and refunding them.

Then, I saw it. That damn story, always attempting to sabotage me. No way, not this time. I began sharing like nobody’s business! The ticket sales began to pick up, so did interest.

Elizabeth and I spent hours on the phone (She is on the Sunshine Coast) creating the event. What did we want you all to leave with? How would you feel when you walked in the door? How would we ground your souls and then send your wild sides out to let go? How could we really create that we are all one? These conversations were so much fun, especially for a gal who’s been using her cards for years along my journey!

In the last week, I have cried more than ever. I am letting go of that story, but not just that. A piece of me that hasn’t believed in me is leaving. I feel an emergence.

Let’s just say I am not a cry-er, or at least, that’s how I’ve been relating to myself. I tend to be the strong, together one. Crying…..hmmmm…..not like I judge it, I just don’t do it.

Until now.

Funny how tickets are now FLYING out the door……but better yet………….

I have seen myself in a whole new light while creating this party/event. I have brought together my Love for groups of women who come together with no pretense, drinking some wine, eating amazing and nourishing food, connecting with one another and releasing the need to be anyone or anything. This evening is what I believe is missing for many women. A place to come as you are, get filled up, laugh, dance, ground.

If you are coming Saturday already, My Deepest Gratitude. Some of my favourite people will be there (Ashley happens to be here from Ottawa!!!) and some people I have never met. Women are coming alone, or with their posse. However you are, we would love to have you.

As for me. I am going to continue to cry, let the energy out, emerge and discover myself as a woman and have this evening SELL OUT! Let’s pack the house.

To us. To all of humanity, but especially to the Ladies. For all that you do that is Thankless, for the moments no one ever knows about, for the sleepless nights and the early risers, to your heart which knows its home, THANK YOU, you are Beauty, Grace and Love. May you see yourSelf as you truly are…………and then blast the music and enJOY your life.

To You. Namaste.


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