A New Year, New You?

Yahoo, 2015 has arrived!!

In perfect timing, the internet and marketing begins to hit us with all the resolution content.

Every time I open my Facebook account I am barraged with the endless ads and articles on weight loss.

Funny, since I am a Health Coach, you would imagine that I love this time of year. Some may think that my business spikes and I am inundated with resolutioners.

Nope! *I also do not advertise for them*

While I understand that a new year is a great opportunity to start anew, my position on this is quite simple. Every day, every moment is this same opportunity. Why do we wait? Till Monday, till next week, till Jan 1, or Jan 5. As humans, we put off doing the things that will give us what we want the most. We keep putting it off and then January comes and we are “all in”. For how long? That’s the problem with resolutions, we quickly throw them curbside, well intentioned or not.

Don’t get me wrong, there is tons I put off. Just weeks ago I realized I was also putting off my health. Until my business was safely off the ground, then I would have the time and money (ps, this is our excuse for everything) to go to classes or the gym, I was waiting until I didn’t want to sleep as much. Hahahahahaha……like never……….hello?!

My commitment to this year is to dig deeper, to do the important things first and to honor them. To honor Me.

That has led me back to the gym, to early mornings, working endless hours creating content and connecting with those I love the most.

This year, today, look within your Soul. Ask yourself what it is you yearn for the most. Begin to create THAT.

For me, I yearn for sweat, creation and snuggles with Ayden. Therefore, my calendar now has these in it. Before work, before anyone or anything else. I am worth it, you are worth it. Our Souls desires fulfilled could transform the world, and it will for sure transform our experience of life.

Connect to your body in a whole new way this year. Not as the project that needs work or the icky thing that needs changing. See yourself for the beauty that you already are, and then allow that to be expressed. Follow that with your Souls desire and you are bound to feel better and look amazing. Done. When happy, your body is way more likely to begin to move differently and drop excess weight. It’s really all about how you feel, new feeling, new actions.

You are Perfect and Beautiful.

Now what will you use your year for??!! Something BIG?!


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