The Flip Side

My girlfriend Caterina and I had the best conversation this past week. Now, I have a lot of amazing conversations with people but this one was different.

First of all, Cat is one of my moms core group of friends, our “ladies”. We’ve been through our fair share of challenges. We’ve seen the rough times, the viscous times, the wins, the losses, love, travel, friendship and family. We’ve been through a ton over the last 15 years. Cat is brilliant, gorgeous, playful, hilarious, spontaneous…don’t get me wrong… there’s also things about her that drives people nuts! For the record Cat, I love you even more for those things!

Why I introduce you is that this blog series is inspired by our conversation.

I am always looking for feedback on how I could “go to the next level” in my life and career, Mastering the Art of Living. Not like, life kicks ass and I am happy and positive all the time. More like, it’s art. It flows, it’s open to interpretation. It is an individual creation. And sometimes, it just plain sucks.

Cat’s feedback was that I was missing a piece in my sharing with y’all that connected my own vulnerability and what I offer the world. WOW! Thanks Girl! She said that what’s missing is that I skip over the ugly parts and rush quickly to the good.

So, this leads me to a new series of blogs, how many, who knows!

As I begin to create and bring my content to the world, it’s scarier than ever, the stakes are high and as with many artists, I’m terrified of releasing ME into the world.

I can say that what people think and say doesn’t matter but that’s bullshit really. I do. I want people to like me, to smile and say I made their day a little better. I don’t like it when people gossip about me, who does. This year, Thank You Jason Guille, I am taking on being willing to have more people not like me. It’s scary. Not pretty. Scary.

Here I am. This is me, The Flip Side!

Confession #1–I don’t like “the work” so I don’t do it. This happens all too often. I live such a great life and love being out with people, but the going into my “office”-which right now is my bathroom, yep, I am writing from my toilet with one of those plastic shitty tv trays!-part…..that part. NOT FUN. I am all alone, mind you, once I get to writing I am great, but I am all alone in here….and I don’t like it!

I have given my word to creating an awesome program for y’all, Smart Living, which can be done online from anywhere. My vision is a place where we finally come to a place of Holistic Health (Body, Mind and Spirit) and where our weight no longer defines us. I am so excited to release this content that’s been brewing inside for so long, and terrified of the critics. I spent some time listening to Eminem tonight, he always reminds me that you can be ultimately divinely gifted and yet misunderstood and hated by so many.

It’s all new for me to take on life RAW. But really, how else do we live?! I inhabit my moments. I’ve done what I have done and not done what I haven’t and this week, I got that complete for myself. Imagine I could create, from nothing?!

Let’s stop accepting a life half lived, I have been. Thank God I know I am not alone.

To the series, to you, to the holidays and those you love. Cheers. I Love You.



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