OMG Outkast!!!! Yep, I Just Peed.

Funny the things about motherhood that continue to amaze me. One of those, for me, is my new relationship to my bladder. Well, it was more like a breakup for me. It seems that at the most inopportune moments, I have to pee, NOW.

As you know I was just at ACL…….cue, OutKast. OMG!OUTKAST

I’m so excited when they start with one of my favourite songs I start jumping up and down and well…..having my bladder, not a great thing when you’re thousands deep in a crowd. Yep, I peed. All I can think is “Yep, that just happened”. So, why would I share this with you?? (other than to free other mothers with bladder breakup!)

I’m sharing because at that moment I chose to EnJOY the moment FULLY. I didn’t rush off to “deal with it” I kept jumping and loving loving loving every moment of music. I also swore to Roy and Sam that I was writing a blog about that moment. They were flabbergasted….. Really? You’re gonna write about peeing? Yes, yes I am! Somebody needed to admit to that sh#t for all of us!!! Jump on ladies 🙂

How many times does life bring us shame, right in the middle of a glorious moment? Do we chose to be taken out or do we dig in?

I dug in. I’m not gonna let shame and embarrassment take me out.

I spent 3 days listening to some amazing artists. Here’s some of the life aha moments along the way…..

1. Life is really all about connection. Funny story! I made a ton of friends in the Eminem crowd. We were all squashed in together for hours, waiting, pretty patiently. I began chatting with my neighbours and set up a “torpedo” strategy with them all so we would not get crushed when Eminem hit the stage. I had to go out, shockingly, to pee, about an hour before the show and by God’s grace I made it  back in to the spot where Roy and my torpedo group were waiting. I enrolled those people in being community, it was a moment unlike any other they or I had ever had when Eminem hit the stage and we all had room to dance!!! Community. Number one.

****Thank you to those amazing people; tall guy w short girl, beautiful Spanish girl in front, gangsta really nice Spanish guy, random big guy and all others! (I told those guys they would find themselves here under those names! It’s incredible when you connect with people, they are completely unoffended by my nicknames!)****

My second example of this is happening now. We are driving to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and then going to Vegas for a day and a bit, staying “gratis” with the fabulous Julie and Paul. These guys and I only met when I stayed with them on a random trip last year and they’ve once again opened their doors, this time to me, Roy and Sam. Community. Period.

2. Some people will like you and some won’t. And furthermore; you can be a superstar and people will not even know you. I learned this one watching the crowds of people come for their favourite bands, mixed with people who looked as though they were being forced to be there. What a demonstration of this lesson for me. Keep sharing your passion, those who love you, will, and those who don’t, won’t. Done. No more attachment.

3. Money is energy. When I travel I’m reminded of this. It costs a good amount to live my amazingly free life. I’m always grateful when random money comes in during a trip. Thanks Beth!!! Thank you Universe 🙂 Keep it coming!! Also thanks to Zija, I can work worldwide!!!

4. Life is NOW. There is no other life at any other time. I could have waited until I “had the money” or the time to jump full on into life. I didn’t. I continue to live full out no matter what and I am always humbled by the ability to do so. Don’t wait to do those things, see those things. Be with people you love, say you love them. We have one life… this body. Bladder and all.

Some may know but the main reason behind this trip was for Sam to see our dad for the first time in 23 years. That happened. Our family is healing. That’s indescribable really. Inconceivable just last year.

It’s never impossible. Have it all. Live life now. Love your community well, for they are your lifeline.




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