Standing On Our Foundation

Hello hello hello again!

I just love writing these blogs and often when I sit down I’m overwhelmed at the amount of things that I believe I should share with you and choosing one to put down and actually send out.

Many of you know I am releasing my weight loss program in the next few weeks. While I was at the lodge, I realized that one of the things I don’t love is having to be in a certain place at a certain time! One of the things you may know about me is I love to travel and I also love to travel spontaneously. Everything I have created in my life has been to fulfill a life of doing what I love, with the people I love. So, instead of turning my experience and purpose into a program I am now turning it into an ecourse!! This means that each one of you, from wherever you are, on whatever day, at whatever time can have access to my programs and be able to do them at your own pace in your own home. It’s hard for me, I love the personal interaction with people, hearing their stories, seeing their transformations, hearing their voices. This won’t be like that, but it will give me a broader demographic and time freedom to enjoy my life. So, if you were wondering how to participate in my programs, you’ll soon have them on your computer! Watch for that!


I also want to remind all women to be at the BellyFit Summit this coming weekend: September 26th, 27th & 28th in Victoria, BC. Be there, you won’t regret this one.

So now I want to touch on something that’s been coming up for my clients and I lately. I’m going to call it “standing on our foundation” . One of the things that has been showing up for me a lot lately is following my heart and soul, my own passion, listening to what others say around me but not allowing it to direct me. Also, part of my life, because I do network marketing, is hearing people say no or having the thought “what have I done”. So why did I take on network marketing? I took it on because I knew that I would see directly in my financial results what my actions have been. One of the things I have not wanted to acknowledge is that my actions have not been powerfully moving me forward. Not that my Zija business is struggling, in fact it has already paid for itself with the effort I put in. I would say that the results I’m committed to having I have not had yet. So why? It seems to me that even though I have immense training in not being taken out by what people think, all too often that is what happens. I will move forward, see no response, feel rejected and then stop. So what does this have to do about standing on our own foundations and how can we all apply this to our lives?

My favourite Dalai Lama quote is “There is no need for complicated philosophies, my brain and my heart are my temple and my philosophy is kindness”.

freedom (1)

What if we lived this way? What if we found our own foundation and loved and lived from there. What if we trusted ourselves, trusted Source? What if where we are right now really is where we’re meant to be?

What are you dealing with? Relationships, weight, satisfaction, grief, loss, confusion?
Whatever it is, have you gone to your foundation? Do you know where that is? What it feels like, sounds like? Does it sound weird to even consider?

What would life be like if you created it? What would you be doing, wearing, feeling, saying? What would you look like, what would your body feel like? How out of alignment do you feel right now? (ps…your foundation will tell you) Where do you feel alignment and freedom? What are you doing differently in that area?

So, I’ve given you lots of questions. Now what? Well, take them to your foundation. Sit with them and listen. You will hear it. The call from your passion, from Source. When you hear that, know that is yours. It’s words are for you. Stand upon that. Knowing that you can take risks, transform anything and live your best life at any moment.

Recently, in a meeting with a clairvoyant, she said “Do you know anyone without problems?” I said “No”. Her response, “Exactly”. Stop trying to be perfect or problem-free. Stop focusing on what’s wrong. Find your foundation, whatever it is that has you stand tall. Now, allow that calling to lead you, step by step. Follow the call. And you can rest assured that your life will be yours. No matter what anyone else has to say or thinks about it or you.

We have one spin in this human form, in this lifetime, so why not live your passion, gift, calling, joy? Trust yourSelf, you do know what you want, and who you are. You are Love. Beauty. Divine.



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