At The Lodge

Here I am, it’s 2:00 pm and I’m sitting in my room, upstairs and out of the dungeon, taking a break. My feet are pulsing and I can’t actually express, here @ the lodge, how much I’ve learned from and loved this “work-ation”.

When my good friend Caterina asked me to come up to Joe’s Salmon Lodge I jumped at the opportunity to come and work my ass off for a couple weeks for a couple grand……………. Right?!

I quickly realized that this was going to be like running my retreats! Take good care of guests, all day long!

While Caterina and Krista (the cook and our lovely friend) attempted to have scheduled work hours, it was a full day. And, strangely enough, I enjoyed it! My days were packed with laundry, dishes, guests, cleaning, serving, cleaning, dishes, eating, then laundry! Sleep, well earned, and naps were taken.

It’s been hard work. Physically. But hey…..People pay a lot of money to go to a gym and hire trainers (I know, I’m shooting myself in the foot), and I just got PAID for doing a 10 day boot camp!

Come on!

While doing the dishes I was reminded of Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements. “Always do your best”. I bring this to my mastery of life all the time, making sure that I put in what’s needed, going a step above whenever I can. Hard work never goes unnoticed. It worked here, of course. It brings me joy to know people can count on me to get a job done, well.

My experience? Well, like 10 days working out, hard, hanging out with cool people, getting fed amazing food, passing out after a 15 hour day (off and on, not like they slave drove me with a whip lol) and getting to see where and with who my good friend Caterina spends her summers.

Now, before I convince you that I worked oh so hard, there are some people who I’d like to send a huge shout out to. They may never read this but it is integral to include. The staff at this lodge have been doing this for months. They’ve been here all summer and they’ve given all they’ve got to provide awesome service and experiences. I watched them work late and rise early, and laugh and work. Guests left happy. Enriched. Full. And with tons of fish. Because of each of these people……Clay, Doug, Krista, Billy, Jimmy, Dustin, Siah, George, Max, Jake, Mike and many more. Thank you.

Joe’s has been such a great experience for me. I am leaving tomorrow exhausted and full. I’m reminded we are all people, no matter how much money we make or what we do. I met millionaires and average Joe’s (lol), hung out with the staff, met their friends and family. This place is a community. I felt right at home.

I often wonder what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Then I look around and I’m reminded. RIGHT NOW, THIS, THIS RIGHT NOW IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Whatever the moment entails. Be there fully.

I am excited to be tossing around some travel ideas and have no idea what’s next. My weight loss/life enjoyment program is launching and my heart is wandering!

Dear life, you have so much to offer, how on earth will I see and do it all?! I am lifting the lid once again, on what’s possible and taking a look.

……….. Who knows what’s there!!!! YAHOO!!!!

Roger. Out. Gonna go scrounge up some grub! Namaste.


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