Multi-Level Marketing

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve joined the multi-level marketing community. I can tell you that I have always been a NO to selling any product anyone has ever introduced me to.

I think I said no for multiple reasons, the first being that I was afraid of being the big bad salesperson. The next was that I was afraid of people not liking me, which, for me, can be related to number one. The next was that I didn’t want to upset friends and family nor did I want to ask them to do business with me. PS…..This also shows up for me in how I run and sell myself as my own business! I think it’s pretty human to be scared as sh%t when it comes to these things. The risk of rejection is high, and it will take TONS of it to succeed.

So why, after all this, would I choose to join a multi-level marketing company? Well, let me tell you what’s going on for me right now.

Right now I am working a lot. I am connecting with a lot of people, and I see alot of people in a week. At the end of the week, after seeing people and working, I come home and realize I have made approximately $300 that week, if it was “successful”……..This is hard to admit given that I work a lot and I’m well respected in a community that I love very much.

Everything I am taking on does not pay my bills. In fact, every month I consider getting “a real job” and packing in this life of Joyful work. Yep, all this because of finances. Thankfully, every month I choose not to, and I dig to a deeper level.

I am also a “skeptic”, and would never put my name to anything that I didn’t believe in, nor have I ever agreed with supplementing our food with products.

Insert Zija. A nutritional supplement. This stuff gives me all kinds of nutrition I would never get from food, and couldn’t in today’s world. I still eat normally as I would, no giving up food!!!!

I have been taking this product for just over a week, and I have never felt better or clearer. For real. The one thing I am really shocked by is how clear I am. I normally feel good physically and “put up with” or “manage” a lot of fears or doubts. I get scared when it comes to implementing things in business, so I don’t. I say I want to increase my business, create my new one, release content….blah blah blah. I haven’t. This week, I have taken on my home, my relationships, my finances. I have implemented structure I’ve been avoiding for years, launched my website, reached out to friends and coaches, set up “work time”–and done it… been running and spending time with my beautiful son. Normally, I’m productive but scattered and tend to run away from the scary things. Not this week…

So, I’ve taken on Zija (the MLM) as a way to expose myself, without a doubt, to what I’m afraid of, while having the possibility of a break though in health and wealth.

I expect:
*Conflict (people love to take these things personally)
*Research and the questions that make me wanna squirm…..

On the other side……I envision building a community. Reaching past comfort zones to expand myself, my life and those around me. I see what’s possible when I can ask for business, hear a NO and move along. I see what’s possible for my life when my finances work and I am coaching a team who also have access to that. I can see this, therefore, I am going to give it my all.

I know this will take me getting out of my way….and that’s what you all expect, right?!

To become a Master in the Art of Living, for me, is to take on what I’m uncomfortable in and do it. Not avoid it. So, I’m in. Two feet and a pounding heart. Scared. Hesitant. Accountable. Yeeeekkkkk…..!!!!!

I can’t wait to continue to share with you all as I launch into this and many other exciting projects!! Thanks for reading! I Love You.


One thought on “Multi-Level Marketing

  1. You rock girl. So proud to know you and watch you live to your word. Do for yourself what you do for all of us.

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