Dear Life; Dear Me

    To the Women, who inspired this blog; Thank you. Thank you. You are Beautiful. You are Love(d)     To the woman in my Depths, in our depths. The Wild Woman who comes out to dance in and with Life. She who shares herSelf, vulnerably, over and over, for the empowerment of all […]

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Dear Loneliness…..

  You creep in when the darkness falls, shit, you’re there any time of day. Your job, to point out the gaping space between me and the world. It’s there, it’s palpable. The space. The emptiness. I almost believe you. Your running commentary is dependable…. “They don’t get me. I have to do it all, […]

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Dear Mom…

Fuck. I’m resisting even documenting this. It’s how I know, I need to. In a couple of weeks, September 6 will mark 5 years since you left. It continues to feel like yesterday. I feel like, since I’ve turned your death into my biggest life lesson, I should be able to open my eyes without […]

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From the Inside, Out <3

This blog has been a journey for me, and maybe, for you too. It’s been a space to grow and share. At times it was pain and grief, hopelessness and happiness. This last few years have been all over the place. What a cool thing to share it all through writing, I tell ya. It […]

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The vision emerges……

  Here’s a funny fact about me……I don’t Love writing blogs when things are going amazing. I want to be quiet, cause, you know, everyone is tired of hearing about my awesome life. They want to read about the crappy stuff….. I did a course over the weekend and was reminded that we all have […]

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